[Cytometry] 5 color compensation issue

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Hi Jason,

There should be no fundamental problems with the suggested combo on your FC500. The easy way to investigate spillover and filter characteristics is to run singel fluorochrome labeled samples on your FC500 with all compensation values set to zero and all voltages set to 500V. Then you look at the MFI of each fluorochrome in each channel and deduct what is the origin of you problems.



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Dear all,

We are running 5-color flow on FC500 and have some compensation issues.
The 5-color cocktail includes antibodies with the following
fluorechromes: FITC, PE, PE-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7 and APC. Do you think there
might be some reagent interactions in this panel combo, especially
PE-Cy5.5 and other dyes? Our single controls were well compensated using
the software-generated matrices, however the fully stained samples were

Thanks for any comment/suggestion.


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