[Cytometry] cell cycle analysis on BD FACSAria

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Dear Alan,

The  BD FACSAria must be officially 'approved' for DNA analysis because
it is printed in the official BD FACSAria system brochure (page 8)
CATALOG&BV_UseBVCookie=yes&BD_SID=UWtSQzpNQT09Ojo%3D). With PI stained
CEN a CV of 1.5% can be achieved at 70 psi. When your DNA histogram is
crap on the ARIA but is of high quality using an analyzer and you can
not figure out what is wrong on the ARIA call the service engineer. They
must be able to help you. In the Netherland they do an excellent job and
they know exactly how to get good cell cycle results on an ARIA.

The higher number of doublets might be caused by the relative long
sorting time as compared to standard analysis. Cells have time to settle
down in your tube and re-aggregate. Use the stirrer. This might help. 

Best regards,

Willem Corver

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Dear ALL,

As noticed that The BD FACSAria (I or II) is not officially 'approved'
for DNA analysis.  The BD FACSAria sorter usually has a lot more
doublets than the analyzer instruments (due to the shape of the flow
cell). Is anyone know that is it possible to change the shape of the
flow cell?

And how to do additional doublet gating?
Many Thanks.

Alan Lam
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