[Cytometry] re 5 colour compensation issue

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You may have just hit it on the head.    That could explain a lot.   I
presumed the reagents were being stored and used appropriately but as we
know, labs don't always handle reagents the way they should. 






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Hello All, 
                we've successfully used PE and PECY5.5 for years ,
however being a tandem conjugate care must be taken not to expose it to
light/heat as then it will dissociate leaving you with PE and CY5.5 ,
this then becomes" uncompensatable " against the "other"/original PE.

Also the combination of PECY5.5 and APC works well with the above
precaution. I've had instances where 2 users have had identical stains
on the same day( but from different vials/lots) one worked well the
other was unusable.



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