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Yes.   If you compare the emission profile of PE-Cy5.5 to PE you are going to find overlapping emission spectra that can't be compensated.   A better choice for your user would have been PE-Cy5.   I had this once myself and kindly asked the user not to bring that combination in my flow room again.   It was all made clear to my user when I showed her the emmission profiles of the reagents in question. 

Hope this helps...


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Dear all,

We are running 5-color flow on FC500 and have some compensation issues.
The 5-color cocktail includes antibodies with the following
fluorechromes: FITC, PE, PE-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7 and APC. Do you think there
might be some reagent interactions in this panel combo, especially
PE-Cy5.5 and other dyes? Our single controls were well compensated using
the software-generated matrices, however the fully stained samples were

Thanks for any comment/suggestion.


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