[Cytometry] Clinical flow requisitions -- help requested

Atwater, Susan SAtwater at stanfordmed.org
Mon Feb 2 19:35:48 EST 2009

Hello all,

All of our lab requisitions are being re-designed, and the drafts were
made available today.  Diagnostic flow cytometry testing has been
relegated to a small scrap of space on one of the req sheets, and
clearly will need revising.  

I have seen commemorative postage stamps larger than this area.  I can't
imagine any human being writing a clinical history in the miniscule
space available.    

Someone may have taken an old, inadequate req and just copied its
contents, as no one in the flow lab was invited to comment or
participate until now.   I'd like not just another square centimeter or
two, but more like half a page.  And yet, time is short, etc etc.

I could really use some benchmarks here.  If you have a clinical flow
requisition you like, and wouldn't mind sending me a copy, I would be
very grateful for your help.  You can email a PDF to me at satwater at
stanfordmed dot org, or fax a copy to my attention at 650-736-7303.  

Thanks in advance,


Susan K. Atwater, MD
Clinical Associate Professor; Department of Pathology
Stanford U. School of Medicine
voice 650-736-8146
fax 650-736-7303
email satwater at stanfordmed.org or atwaters at stanford.edu


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