[Cytometry] Partec Buddy

Jane M. Caldwell jane_caldwell at ncsu.edu
Mon Feb 2 14:58:18 EST 2009

Hello one and all,

I am looking for a Partec Buddy/Mentor to help me with my Partec PAS 2001
machine.  It uses Flowmax OS 2.4e.  I am having Roy Overton from Partec in
New Jersey come down this spring to train me.  Until then, maybe a few of
you would agree to answer questions and give advice.

Recently, I ran a Bacteria Counting Kit using SYTO BC stain and
microsphere standards.  I have not been able to separate the plots of
stained cells and microspheres to the same extent as the kit's illustrated
figure.  If you have used this kit, could you share your FSC, SSC and FL1
settings?  I got my best results and separation when I used these

FCS = log3 with gain of 200
SSC = linear with gain of 200; this is the trigger.
FL1 = log4 with gain of 350
Used log 6 dyed cells/ml and stopped run at 20k cells counted.

Is there something I've overlooked?  What do the LL and UL (lower and
upper limit?) settings do?

Many thanks,

Jane M. Caldwell
USDA/ARS Lab Technician
Department of Food, Bioprocessing,
and Nutrition Sciences
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