[Cytometry] 21st Annual International Clinical Flow Cytometry Course

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The Twenty First Annual Clinical Course on Flow & Image Cytometry

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York

August 30 - September 4, 2009

The Course takes a practical approach to training participants in clinical
flow cytometry using hands-on laboratory and computer work in small groups
to supplement lectures.  It is taught by distinguished faculty of experts in
clinical flow cytometry.  Lectures will cover a variety of general and
advanced topics and there will be many opportunities for informal
discussion.  The emphasis of the course will be divided between basic flow
theory, current practice in the clinical laboratory, flow cytometric
diagnosis of leukemia & lymphoma, and frontiers for the future.  The Course
will be limited to approximately 45 participants who will attend lectures
together and then break into small groups of about eight students to rotate
through their choice of seven laboratory modules.

Participants will gain an understanding of the principles of flow cytometry
and up-to-date knowledge of the ways in which cytometry can be applied to,
among others, the following problems:

*         leukemia and lymphoma phenotyping, classification and
interpretation of histograms; 

*         analysis of myeloid disorders & granulocyte function;

*         analysis of intracellular epitopes and signaling pathways in

*         staining and histogram analysis for cell cycle stage and ploidy;

*         quality control, standardization and proper experimental design;

*         reference and alternative methods for CD4 and CD34 measurements;

*         selection of fluorochromes and compensation issues;

*         staining of leukocytes for tetramers to evaluate antigen

*         use of tracking dyes to follow cell proliferation;

*         using imaging techniques for FISH analysis.

Course registration fee:  $1,200 US Funds (increasing to $1,400 US Funds
after August 1).  The fee includes an extensive set of course materials,
refreshment breaks, lunches, and dinners (including dinner at Goat Island
beside Niagara Falls and closing celebration).

To register or to be placed on a mailing for additional information please

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Department of Flow & Image Cytometry

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Buffalo, NY 14263


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