[Cytometry] Enquiring on methods to Fix cells or freez cells to store for more than 1 week before staining surface markers

CHEW Weng Keong Chew_Weng_Keong at immunol.a-star.edu.sg
Wed Dec 23 20:28:36 EST 2009

Dear Flowers,

I would like to store my cells first before staining them for flow cytometry on a later date. It would be great if the cells can be stored for longer than 1 week.

However, I would like to know whether fixing the cells to protect the surface markers before freezing the cells would be better? If so, what sort of fixing medium is appropriate?

I have also heard freezing cells might damage the markers and thus it would be recommended to fix cells in solvents like ethanol and that is sufficient to store the cells in long periods without freezing down. But I know storing cells in ethanol will also damage the surface markers. Would anyone have recommendation of any protocol if I want to store my cells for longer than one week periods before staining them for flow cytometry? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance,

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Weng Keong CHEW
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