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Hi Brit,

I agree with Lisa on points 1 and 2, we have to clean up around the sipper frequently.  

As for the laser drifting, it may actually be your alignment that's drifting unless the laser itself is getting ready to fail.  Do you run some kind of QC beads on a fairly regular basis?  We find that the alignment needs tweaking daily to maintain the loweset possible CVs (<2.0 using flowcheck 10um beads).  Also, the auto-align feature won't work correctly if the alignment is off by more than a small amount, which can be the case if it's been a long time between runs on the instrument (several days), or if something has been bumped.  In that case I am usually able to adjust alignment position and/or focus manually until I see a marked increase in fluorescence intensity accompanied by a decrease in CVs.

Good luck!

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Hello Brit,

To answer your questions:
1. It takes our Quanta only a couple of minutes to pull down to -10" Hg.
2. If no one cleans off the sipper needle block at the end of the day, then salt build up always occurs overnight.
3. We have not had a problem with laser drifting, but we did have a problem with SSC acquisition but that has been remedied.


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I have some questions for other operators of Beckman Coulter Cell Lab Quanta
SC. As we are soon to have the annual service on our instrument, I want to
make sure that I know what is normal and what I need to ask the service
engineer to make sure he corrects.

When performing the start-up procedure - how long does it take from
switching on the vacuum pump until the vacuum gauge reads -10''Hg? Mine
seems to be very slow and I suspect it has been getting slower. 

Also - do you get at precipitate build up on top of the sipper needle block

Lastly, I'm curious too know if anyone has experienced a problem with the
laser drifting (weakening of signal over weeks). This is no longer an issue
for us, but it has been in the past.

Thank you.

Brit R. Johansen

Research assistant
Project manager of flow cytometry

Hedmark University College
Holsetgata 22
2317 Hamar, Norway

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