[Cytometry] ratiometric parameters on FlowJo

Adam Treister a at treestar.com
Sun Apr 19 22:58:09 EDT 2009

Doug ,

I'd recommend going to version 7.5, as it has a full algebraic parser  
for derived parameters now.
It's a free upgrade, and the serial number or dongles should work  
without a hitch.  This is still a beta version, but is quite stable  
(for me ;) and is so far superior to 7.1.3 that I'd recommend you try  
it, even before release.    It sounds pretty painful to take data to  
Excel, especially if you want to bring it back to FlowJo for graphing  
& reporting.


Adam Treister
President, FlowJo LLC

On Apr 17, 2009, at 8:27 AM, Reed, Douglas S wrote:

> Just curious if anyone knows much about creating ratiometric  
> parameters on FlowJo. I did look through the FlowJo manual and saw  
> how to 'derive' a parameter, but it doesn't look like it can do what  
> we want it to.
> We're trying to look at red (FL3) versus green (FL1) fluorescence  
> from DiOC2(3) staining of Francisella tularensis. According to the  
> information from Invitrogen/Molecular Probes, they recommend using a  
> derived parameter using the following formula:
> (RC mean) - (GC mean) + 1.5(# of channels per decade).
> I can't see how to subtract one parameter from another in FlowJo but  
> I was hoping someone on here might. If it helps, we have version 7.1.3
> Thanks!
> Doug
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