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Yan Zhang Yan.Zhang at ahus.no
Tue Apr 14 05:03:52 EDT 2009

We sorted PMBL cells on to slides, we had a drop of PBS (pipettes 20ul) onto the exact position, that means you have to determine the sort position first by AccuDrop. then we drawed a ring on the back of the slides according to the known position. (someone use the solution of PBS and medium as well.) Right after sorting, we put a coverslides on, then use nailpolish(it's the cheapest way) around the coverslides to prevent the cells flow over. That was for confocal  microscoping. But do remember that the PBS will end up to a lot of crystalls afterwards.

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I'm using an Aria II to sort cells directly onto a poly L lysine slide. Does anyone have a protocol or suggestions for post staining the slides. How is this for keeping morphology?


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