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Mul, Erik e.mul at sanquin.nl
Tue Oct 28 06:33:50 EDT 2008

Hello Ashley,
We also have that problem. When you export data and you immediatly
remove the folders before he is finished exporting these data. Then the
next time the specific folders apear again and you can't remove them
anymore without ceating a new database.
Best regards,
Erik Mul, ing 
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	Van: Ashley Carter [mailto:acarter at CSI-LABS.com] 
	Verzonden: Friday, October 24, 2008 1:34 PM
	Aan: Cytometry Mailing List
	Onderwerp: Diva database question
	When I delete empty folders after exporting experiments (in BD
FACSDiva v6.1.1), one of my Cantos returns the error: "An error has
occurred while communicating with the database." Although the folder
disappears initially, it reappears the next time I log into Diva.
Reloading the software has not resolved the issue, and data acquires and
stores as it should. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or how to
resolve it? Thanks, 
	Ashley Carter, MS
	Flow Cytometry Technical Specialist
	CSI Laboratories 
	Specialized Cancer Diagnostics
	http://www.csi-labs.com <http://www.csi-labs.com/> 

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