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Tue Oct 7 02:42:44 EDT 2008

Dear Flowers,

Just curious, does anyone know if it is possible to scale one histogram to 
match another in terms of number of events acquired? (e.g. one was 
acquired for 7000 events and if i wished to scale this to 10000 events is 
it possible).  Also, i was looking at the Overton and SED histogram 
subtractions which i did and could not find a way to change the y axis of 
these plots on the population comparison platform display to display the 
#cell events on the y axis. I know it is possible to change the y axis to 
display # cells events on a simple overlay at the layout, but can't seem 
to find a way to do it for the histograms generated from the population 
comparison platform. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
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