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Mon Nov 17 04:29:54 EST 2008


I am sure that your focus is not right on the stream, are you working with FacsAria, by
the way? There is a black ring in fron of the camera behind the sorting chamber, you have
to strech your hands and fingers to feel this and turn the most front part(which is a
ring) around to adjust it. And there is a button on the left side of the sorting chamber
to adjust the camera positions as well(see instruktions on the manual from BD), use both
of them, then you can adjust until there is only a spot of the stream on the screen.

Good luck

Yan zhang
Senior engineer
EpiGen Inst.
Akershus Universityhospital

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Emne: Accudrop beads

Has anyone every experienced a sum of less than 100% in the two windows when calibrating
with Accudrop beads?  Eg 40% in the left sort window and 20% in the stream?  What should
I be correcting to get it to add up to 100%?  This happens occasionally with my sorter.

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