LSRII filters on a CSU-X1 confocal head

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Wed Mar 12 22:51:41 EDT 2008

Hello, flowers and microscopists!

Here is a chimera-type question!

We have emission filters from an BD LSRII flow cytometer (disks of 25mm of
diameter) and would like to use them in a CSU-X1 confocal head. Basically,
the filters are fitting in the emission wheel of the CSU and we see
fluorescence. My question is: do emission filters for flow cytometry and for
confocal microscopy have the same properties?
I may be wrong, but both are the final emission filters in front of either
the PMT or the camera and thus have a similar role of filtering the
emissions. In my mind, both filters should be comparable. Do I omit any
critical detail?

Thank you!


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