Counting bacteria

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Hello Petra

The kit works well with Bacillus subtilis in our hands - we use it
routinely for "live /dead" analysis.  I'm not sure what the Ribolyser
procedure is - but as long as it leaves your cells intact, so that they
retain their DNA and can trigger the electronics by scattering light - you
should be able to distinguish between cells with intact and compromised
cell membranes.   Whether this works for your application depends on what
the difference between your "undestroyed" cells versus your destroyed cells
is, i.e. the extent of membrane permeability.


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a collegue attempts to count bacteria (Bacillus subtilis)before and after
they are gone through the Ribolyser procedure to determine/confirm the
percentage of undestroyed cells. I was looking for a suitable dye and
found the LIVE/DEAD BacLight Bacterial viability and counting kit from
Has anyone general experiences with this kit, and do you think it is
possible to use it for out purpose?



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