Spending too much time on the flow can lead to this

Beverly Barton bartonbe at UMDNJ.EDU
Wed Jun 25 08:44:48 EDT 2008

  You know you've been spending too much time on the flow when:

1) you dream all night about a new instrument that doesn't exist
2) you dream in rhyme to a tune about what you do, thus composing  
your new lab theme song.
Me, I dreamt all night about a new flow cytometer that married the  
open configuration of a MoFlow to the capability of an ImageStream.   
I also had expanded staff to run it.  I'll take the staff with my old  

And the song?

To the tune of "Home on the Range"

Oh give me a flow,
Where all the cells glow;
(And one has to work in the dark).
I see cells fluoresce,
And never coalesce.
In this way does one make one’s mark.

Flow, flow all the day!
No clogs to get in my way.
Is what I shall see.
Science triumphant alway'.

If ISAC needs a theme song, we can talk....

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