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Hi Frank,
I know this phenomenon till I am working with my Vantage SE (without
DIVA!). If you use FACSFlow as sheath fluid everything is ok. But if you
use pure PBS as sheath 'vulcano growing' as you descibed occurs. As I
have observed this is not linked to a specific nozzle size nor to a
certain sheath pressure. Because of this we use FACSFlow for all our
sorts with no negative effects on sterility or post-sort cell viability
and growth. But I do also not know what causes this phenomenon and await
other comments.
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In 31 years of flow cytometry I hadn't seen this before (although I
don't get out much).  Lately we experience this phenomenon on our
FACSVantageSEDiVa where, in the course of a few hours, the nozzle grows
a salt volcano around the stream (I've attached a picture).  This does
not affect the breakoff nor the sort streams nor even the acquired data
until the volcano grows high enough to impinge on the first laser.  It
can also be removed easily by a wipe with a wet swab (although that's
really inconvenient if the need arises during a sort).	Note: we are
talking about a 70 micron nozzle running PBS as sheath at 30 psi -
nothing fancy.	 

The question is: what causes it?  We *see* no leaks outside the nozzle
tip but I'm wondering if the orifice has eroded and that's causing
seepage.  Is there anyone who has seen this and/or has an idea of the

Frank Battye. 

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