BrdU-FITC / PI cell cycle

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RE: BrdU-FITC / PI cell cyclePersonally I seldom have a problem with spectral overlap in a BrdUrd-FITC PI experiment. If you record the PI fluorescence at 695, you will certainly reduce any spill over from FITC into PI. However, that wavelength is sub-optimal for PI, which is best recorded at a lower wavelength such as 620 nm.

I compensation needs to be applied, it can be applied in the usual fashion.

If you download FCSExpress Reader from the denovosoftware Web site, you can see an example at

A compensation has bee applied in software to correct the small overlap from fluorescein into PI. The larger fluorescence of the G2/M cells compared to G1 in the fluorescein channel was probably due to the increased autofluorescence of the larger cells.


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  this may not be the answer you are looking for, but, if you detect PI in "FL3" ie using a std filter for Cy5-PE (like 695/40), there is almost no compensation needed if the other color is FITC

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  To study cell cycle, I use PI with anti-BrdU FITC

  PI is on linear scale and my BrdU-FITC is on log

  How do you compensate this type of plot?

  Any help/insight will be very much appreciated

  Thanks, Sana

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