Manfra, Denise denise.manfra at SPCORP.COM
Mon Jun 9 16:08:53 EDT 2008

We are trying to access neutrophils and Eosinophils in rat BAL in an OVA
model at 24 and 72 hrs post challenge.

We have identified at least 4 populations

A) Macrophages: CD45Hi, DAPI+/- (pending activation state), SSCInt/Hi,
FSChi, Ox41Hi, Anti-Gran dim/neg

B) Could these be neutrophils?	 CD45Lo/+, SSCHi, Ox41Int, anti-gran
dim, FSC lo,  take up a lot of DAPI: 

C) Identity unknown?  CD45dim/+, SSCverylo, Ox41neg, anti-gran dim/+,
FSC:very small: 

D) Could these be eosinophils?	    CD45+, DAPI neg, SSCHi, FSCInt,
Ox41Int, Anti-Gran dim

E) Could these be DCs?	   CD45Hi, DAPI+/neg, SSCInt, Ox41Int/Hi,

Alum controls: primarily A and C, very few B at 24 hrs or 72 hrs

OVA 24 hrs: Primarily A and B OR D and E, Fewer A, and a few D

OVA 72 hrs: Primarily D, Fewer A and B

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