Simple flow cytometer construction

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Thu Jul 10 14:10:52 EDT 2008

Hi Patricia,

I made a "working model" to show scatter a while ago - I used a mix of clear
and frosted glass beads around 3mm in diameter.  These were sealed inside an
oil-filled pipette which I inverted to induce "flow".  I placed this
apparatus on a burette stand and held a laser pointer at 90 degrees using
another pipette stand.	In line with the laser I had a sheet of paper (the
pipette was much larger in diameter than would merit obscuration bars)	-
observers could see the slow pulse(s) of forward scatter and see for
themselves "side scatter" as the frosted beads passed.

I talked to Andy Riddell about making a more useful demo system with
electronic detectors and readout at the recent ISAC in BudaPest for
deployment in high schools or undergraduate labs - I'm not sure if he's run
with it with his usual enthusiasm, or is waiting for me to come up with some
plans - I'm not sure either if there are plans already out there, but I'd be
willing to collaborate on a project like this (and can donate some scrap
PMT's and PSU's from my private collection if needed by your friend - though
some photodiode system for FSC and maybe SSC would probably be safer for
young ones).

Howard Shapiro's books contain a host of build info for cytopups/cytomutts
and the basic circuit blocks of course, and may be a good starting point.



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Hello flowers,

A friend who left the world of cytometry to become a
high school teacher is asking if there is a resource
he could look into to give ideas about constructing a 
simple working flow cytometer from readily available
items. He is looking into incorporating such a project
into his science lesson plans. Does anyone out there
have any ideas of where he could look for information?

Can it be done? 

Patty Lovelace
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