Aria pumps overheating

William King wking at
Thu Jan 31 15:35:02 EST 2008

I'm curious to know if anybody else has had problems with their Aira  
pumps overheating and, if so, how was the issue resolved? The pumps  
that I'm referring to are the ones inside the fluidic cart, behind the	
access door, in the upper right corner.
We have had the 2 upper pumps replaced twice. In addition, the circuit	
board that controls the pumps has been replaced and the issue has  
remained. The service engineer said that he would replace the cable  
between the pump and the circuit board, however, this has not happened	
as yet and I doubt that this will be the solution to the problem. The  
upper pump is so hot that you cannot hold your finger on it for more  
than a second and I fear that there will be a fire or that the pump  
will fail in the middle of a sort. Today there was an unusual smell  
coming from the instrument when it was turned on. Any ideas from anyone?


C. William King
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