Cytometry From the Ground Up - Material Wanted

Howard Shapiro hms at
Wed Jan 30 22:28:35 EST 2008

The new book, Cytometry from the Ground Up, is taking shape.

If anybody has a reprint (preferably of .pdf file) of:
Ploem JS. The use of a vertical illuminator with interchangeable
dichroic mirrors for fluorescence microscopy with incidental light.
Z Wiss Mikrosk. 1967 Nov;68(3):129-42.
I would appreciate a copy.

Attention cytometer manufacturers - various company reps keep promising
me that somebody in their organization will send me detailed specs and
pictures of their current instruments, but I have not received very
much. I know you're out there.

I'd also like information from the 3rd party software developers.


I am also in the process of trying to update what I have on Cytomutts
and other do-it-yourself flow cytometers. Wiley granted me permission to
use the material on building flow cytometers that last appeared in the
2nd Edition of Practical Flow Cytometry (1988), and I have finally
gotten around to producing a .pdf file of the relevant chapter from that
book. You could probably still build a working instrument from it, but
there are a lot of newer components that would now be preferable. I will
eventually have this stuff on the web site, but don't
bother looking there now.


Thanks to all,


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