Login software for MAC OS 9.2

Jay T. Myers jay.myers at case.edu
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Hi Gary,

Have you tried using the Multiple Users control panel which is already part
of OS 9.2?  We have a FACScan running Mac 9.2 and each lab that uses the
machine has to sign up for an account.	We then set them up as a different
user and they must log in to access the machine.  The only thing to be aware
of is that you need to move a copy of the BDPACInit file from the main
system Startup folder into each users individual Startup folder in order for
the computer to see the FACScan when they log in.


On 24 Jan 2008 15:00:42 -0500, Gary A. Ward <Gary.A.Ward at dartmouth.edu>

> Hello Flowers,
> I'm interested in finding a good, reliable, and inexpensive (even free)
> login software
> that will work with MAC OS 9.2 on a BD FACScan and FACSCalibur.    This
> topic had some
> discussion in the past but I haven't seen anything specifically about
> people using OS
> 9.2. Also, given the age of the operating sytem I realize things that were
> commercially
> available a few years ago may not be available or may not be compatable
> today.  Any
> suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Gary A. Ward
> H C Englert Cell Analysis Laboratory
> Norris Cotton Cancer Center
> Lebanon, NH USA

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