bandpass filter I to measure PercP

Jose Diaz Romero jose.diazromero at
Tue Jan 29 11:38:12 EST 2008

Dear Flowers,
I am using the 695/40 bandpass filter supplied with the LSRII to measure
PercP in this machine. Recently our facility has acquired a FACSaria that
according to the User's Guide should be equipped with a 675/20 bandpass
filter. Is this bandpass filter better than the 695/40 to collect PercP
emission? Could I use the 675/20 from the Aria in the LSRII? And the more
important question, Where is supposed to be this filter? According to the
User's Guide the filter should be provided in the accessory kit, but I
checked with the people in our FACS facility and they do not rembember any
extra filter supplied with the Aria.
Jose Diaz-Romero
Institute of Pathology
University of Bern

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