Sheath fluid for CYAN ADP

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Wed Jan 30 04:51:28 EST 2008


I have been running my CyAn on DI water with no problems.  I was advised 
my Dako to use water over sheath fluid as it prevents salt crystals 
forming inside the machine.  I was also told that doing a weekly system 
clean with detergent - I use Dako Clean and Rinse solution, will stop 
any problems of running just water through the machine. 

I am assuming you only have the disposable boxes for the sheath fluid.	
My CyAn came with a reusable plastic cube (similar to the waste 
containers) with the connectors to attach it to the sheath/waste 
system.  You should be able to get them from Dako.

Let me know if you need any more info


McCoy, J. Philip (NIH/NHLBI) [E] wrote:
> What sources of sheath fluid are most people using for the CYAN ADP? 
> Dako is having problems with their supplier and we are looking for 
> alternative sources. If another vendor is used, how do you handle the 
> sheath sensor (scale) and connections?
> thanks
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