Contrad vs. Coulter Clenz

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I have no experience with Coulter Clenz.  So I'll chime in this way --
I used to use 2-3% SDS and  bleach but having switched to contrad 70(10%
working solution) for all four of the cytometers I supervise has
drastically cut down on the amount of bleach I run through the machines.
This translates in to less wear and tear on the quick connects which
bleach hurts over a period of time.   For me, Contrad 70 is the best all
around cleaner. 


I would also add that I have a nano-tech group that likes to check out
their "nano" particles on the Calibur and in cleaning the machine with
contrad, the Calibur ends up being one of the cleanest machines in the
room as their particles are a the limit of resolution of the Calibur.
So to see their particles they need the machine as clean as can be.
(They are also a funny group as I've never seen anyone get so excited
using the 3-D display.)


So on all my machines the "last sample" of the day is warm 10% contrad
for about 20 minutes followed by DDH2O for about 15 minutes before shut
down.	 As a result, the number of false starts and clogged machines,
at least for me, has dropped considerably. 





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Which do you feel is better for cleaning out a flow cytometer, Coulter
Clenz or Contrad?

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