mAbs to distinguish mouse macrophages and monocytes??

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if you want to specifically target alveolar mature macrophages, a good 
parameter is - in my opinion - CD11c(high) / autofluorescence(high) / 
immature macrophages/monocytes will then be CD11c(+/med) / 
autofluorescence(low) / CD11b(+/med)
Of course, depending on the type of inflammatory stimulus, some changes 
can occur in the expression pattern of surface markers, but I think that 
this panel covers most of the conditions.

see also:
Accurate and simple discrimination of mouse pulmonary dendritic cell and 
macrophage populations by flow cytometry: Methodology and new insights
Vermaelen, K & Pauwels, R
Cytometry 2004


Dynamics of macrophage cell populations during murine pulmonary tuberculosis
Gonzalez-Juarrero M, Shim TS, Kipnis A, Junqueira-Kipnis AP, Orme IM
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this helps you somewhat further...


Gwinn, William (NIH/NIEHS) [F] wrote:
> What is the ‘current’ recommendation regarding the best mAb panel to 
> distinguish _mouse_ tissue macrophages (specifically, alveolar) from 
> immature macrophages/monocytes by flow?
> Thank you.
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