autofluorescence increase-post fixation-violet laser

Lora Barsky lbarsky at
Thu Jan 24 18:10:15 EST 2008

Dear List,

a curious thing is occurring in our hands.  We are observing an  
increase in autofluorescence off a violet laser trigger when we have  
cells fixed in paraformaldehyde.  Only a subset of the cells (~20%)  
are increasing their autofluorescence.	 At this time,	I do not know  
how old the fixative is, or it's concentration.   Is there anyone who  
could shed some light as to what is happening?

I'm running a 3 laser Aria with standard Violet laser with Standard  
optics.  Looking at fluorescence with wavelength 450/40.

Thank you,

Lora Barsky
Manager, Flow Cytometry Lab
Division of Research Immunology/BMT/GISCT Program
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA  90027

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