Qdot705 excitation at 488nm

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Dear Pal,
Although Qdot 705 nanocrystal excitation is less efficient at the longer wavelength, it is bright enough that we find that we can resolve populations nearly as well with 488 nm as with 405 nm excitation. The 720/40 filter should work fine. 


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Hi Flowers, 

I'd like to know how efficient is the regular 15-20 mW 488 nm excitation for Qdot705 nanocrystal compared to the optimal 405 nm excitation?  I'd like to use it on a Partec CyFlow space with 20 mW 488 nm laser and 720/40 bandpass filter.


Pal Jakso

University of Pecs
Faculty of Medicine
Dept. of Pathology
12. Szigeti str.
H-7643 Pecs, HUNGARY

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