staining apoptotic bronchial alveolar lavage cells

M Conrad conradml at
Mon Jan 21 07:30:16 EST 2008

Hello everyone.

I am working with a mouse model of asthma in which the airway cells are
denuded by napthaline treatment.  I would like to use flow cytometry to
measure apoptotic cells in the bronchial alveolar lavage (BAL) and I am
wondering if anyone has done this before.

It is very important that the information from this study be publishable.
That said, I understand that apoptosis can be measured using propidium
iodide but their appears to be many other methods.  Is it usual to use two
different methods to demonstrate apoptosis and, if so, which ones are the
best to use?

Here is a summary of my goals.
I have approximately 1 x 10(5) total BAL cells
Detect the percentage of neutrophils
Detect neutrophil apoptosis
Detect epithelial cell apoptosis.

As I have not used the flow cytometer for apoptosis measurements before I
would greatly appreciate any information that you can give.

Thanks for your time.

Melanie Conrad, PhD
Philips University
Biomedical Research Centre
Marburg, Germany
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