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Selle, Janet L. jlselle at saintfrancis.com
Fri Jan 18 18:17:06 EST 2008

Dear List:

I am considering purchasing FCS Express to analyze clinical flow data
for leukemia/lymphoma panels. We currently are running a FACSCalibur and
using CellQuest Pro software for analysis. We have a G4 Mac with OS 9.2.
Are there any CellQuest users that have switched to FCS Express?  Does
anyone have a newer Mac that they have used this software on? I have
never done any off-line analysis.  What do I need to have to get my data
from the Mac to a PC for analysis?  I liked the looks of the reporting
features with FCS Express and the capability of saving the analyzed
plots to satisfy the new CAP requirements.  Does anyone use another
software that they like for analysis on the Mac? I know that CellQuest
Pro with OS 10 can save PDFs of analyzed plots but I was wanting some
help with the reporting issue and organization of data. CellQuest is not
the easiest software to teach to new flow techs. Opinions and advice are

Thank you,
Janet Selle 
Medical Technologist (Flow Cytometry Lead)
Saint Francis Hospital
Tulsa, OK

jlselle at saintfrancis.com
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