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They discontinued those at least 2 years ago - it had nothing to do 
with the Dako sale to B-C.   We order them now from GCAT (Roy 
Overton's company - ).	Address 1629 Blue Spruce Dr. 
Suite 106 Fort Collins CO phone 970-224-2437.  30um sterile PN is 
04-004-2326 and 30um non-sterile is 04-0041-2316.  Sterile come in 
packs of 50, non-sterile in packs of 100.


At 01:19 PM 1/16/2008, you wrote:
>Dear Flowers:
>Unfortunately, I am about to run out of the cup-type 30 um Filcons 
>that I use to filter my samples before I run them on my 
>MoFlo.       I have just tried to reorder them from Dako but they 
>are telling me that they are discontinued as a result of the sale of 
>the cytometry division to Beckman Coulter.  I have called BC and 
>they don't seem to know what I am talking about.
>Does anyone know anywhere else I can buy these or similar filters?
>Thanks so much
>Janet Dow
>Janet Dow
>Research Specialist and Manager
>Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting  Facility
>North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine
>4700 Hillsborough Street
>Room C-309
>Raleigh, NC 27606

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