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Dear Abdul
There is no such thing as too many questions in this forum.
I find that the correct number of events depends on what populations you
are looking for. Generally if the population of interest varies greatly
from sample to sample and/or has a low frequency then you are better off
collecting 20,000 events. No doubt somebody on the list who does more
clinical work will be able to give you a more definitive answer.
Good luck and keep asking those questions - we all learn from the
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	Hello Again!
	I am sorry for posting too many emails in the forum, can't get
any better advice than here.
	I am just wondering and interested to know that if there is any
particular number of events (say 10,000 or 20,000) I need to collect
while doing 3 color flow cytometry in whole blood. 
	Thanks for your help.
	Best wishes,

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