Vantage maintenance with Specialty Underwriters

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Thu Jan 17 17:47:31 EST 2008

Hi All,


I have a FACSVantage DiVa and the maintenance contract is about to
expire.  Fiscal would like to save money by obtaining a
maintenance/service contract through Specialty Underwriters.  Does
anyone with a stream-in-air sorter have any experience with this group
for maintenance?  I am very interested in hearing both positive and
negative comments.  I have been given the name of a client with a
FACSCalibur.  However, that instrument is a totally different animal as
regards to computer platform, software, lasers, and electronics.  I
really need information regarding SU's ability to service the Vantage.
Any information will be greatly appreciated and held in confidence,
should you so desire.


Thank you,

Lynda Guzik

University of Pittsburgh

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Suite200 - Lagasse Labs

Rm 520A - Bridgeside Point Bldg

100 Technology Dr

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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