Upgrading to DIVA 6.0?

Shen, Hongmei shenh at upmc.edu
Fri Jan 18 10:42:25 EST 2008

We also had very smooth upgrade of Diva 6.0 on our SOS Aria and LSR II.
For more than 3 months, our users have no problems or complains related
to the software even when they load the temples or experiments from old

Add one more impression for Diva 6.0: We can acquire more than 10
million cells now!  Although we are unable to load all those events back
into the Diva 6.0 due to the limited memory, at least, we have the FCS
file with all the events acquired and are able to analyze it by using
other software.

In Diva 6.0, we are unable to print only 1 page of the instrument
setting if there are more pages.  It will print out all pages at once.
It requires the extra steps (PDF or PrintScreen) to do this.

To add a new flouorochrome name for a specific parameter/channel is a
little bid headache.  Although all customized names from Diva 5 can be
migrated to the Diva 6.0, they actually are not migrated to the
parameter list.  If you need to add another name to the
parameter/channel with existing customized names on it already, you need
to add existing and new names to the parameter list first and drag them
ALL together to that parameter/channel.    

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HI Michele,

answering your questions:

we did upgrading from diva 5 to 6, but on the same computers (xw4300)
and have seen not any difficulties with the older database and
answer 1: yes, database and experiments can be transferred
       2: we do have a HTS and we didn't had any problem running it from
older experiments on a FacscantoII
       3: make backups from your experiments or complete database before
you start upgrading
       4: I like it. It's better. Some favorite options I use daily:
adjusting regions proportionally, stop/resume sorting is saving the
sortcounts now, and CST Instruments performance control.


Berend Hooibrink
dept. Cell biology
AMC University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Subject: Upgrading to DIVA 6.0?

> Greetings,
> Does anyone have first hand experience upgrading to DIVA 6.0? I am 
> purchasing 3 new HP workstations (xw4400's) so as far as speed, memory

> and HD space I should be set. I will be putting these on my Canto, 
> LSRII and Aria.
> Questions
> 1. Can the experiments and user database be transferred to 6.0 from a 
> previous version from an old workstation?
> 2. Anyone using HTS on an LSR II, do the HTS templates transfer OK?
> 3. Do's and don'ts when upgrading? If you have already gone through 
> this and know of some things that will save me from pulling my hair 
> out I would love to hear what you have to say.
> 4. General impression of the improvements from the previous version?
> Cheers,
> Michele
> Michele Black
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