Help with opening CellQuest files in WinMDI 2.9

Abdul Khan khan.abdulh at
Wed Jan 16 16:57:09 EST 2008

Dear All,

I am fairly new to the flowworld and trying to analyse files in WinMDI which
I acquired on a FACSCalibur using CellQuest. I simply draged FCS files on my
memory stick BUT when I am trying to open the files in WinMDI, it says "not
a FCS file", is there any particular way to save the files in CellQuest in
order to read them by WinMDI ? I assume that all the files in CQ are saved
in FCS format anyway then why WinMDI is not recognising the files ?

I have got windows xp and windows vista operating system and it's the same
story on both, do you think it's a compatibility problem ?

I would be grateful to you guys for any help in this regard. Thanks.

Best wishes,

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