Eosinophil Shape Change Assay

Morschauser, Andrew andrew.morschauser at ROCHE.COM
Mon Jan 14 12:53:58 EST 2008

Dear All,


I have a researcher who is trying to perform the eosinophil shape change
assay on whole blood as well as purified granulocytes using standard
protocols.  This is done on an LSRII using a green laser for the
autofluorescent detection of eosinophils and FSC off the blue.	She is
able to see the eos nicely, but is getting no shape change after adding
the agonist.  She has tried eotaxin as a positive control with no
success.  Any help with sample conditions such as fixation, timing, etc.
would be helpful.  Furthermore, any information regarding instrument
settings would be appreciated.




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