CS&T beads

Vinko Tosevski vinko.tosevski at medri.hr
Fri Jan 11 03:58:20 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

I need advice from more experienced colleagues...

How do you use CST beads from BD? Do you prepare fresh dilution each time or
you can reuse the dilution you made earlier? If yes, for how long? Are CST
beads desgined like SPHERO rainbow calibration particles, whose dilution can
be frozen/thawed for several times without any loss of function?

When I attended the FACSAria training course, our instructors told us to
make a new dilution each time. I am interested in reusing the previously
prepared dilutions because I would like to spend as little beads as possible
but, at the same time, not to compromise instrument's QC.


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