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Originally we had to keep printed analysis results for 2 years and FCS
files for 7 years. We keep FCS files indefinitely by backing up all FCS
files in the end of each business day. Storing FCS files makes sense,
because anybody can go ahead and re-analyze the data, compare with a new
development (if happens), meaning: make data useful. How anybody can use
10-year old PDF files? This is just a snapshot, good only to prove an
extra time that we knew and still know how to work properly. It seems
that 90% of our business time is spent not for doing business, but to
prove that we are capable of doing business. So, now we would have to
save FCS files, which is really important to do , and PDFs, which is
required. Twice as much work to do, twice as much time to spend, twice
as hard to find the needed information in the 10 -year old pile of
documents. For	a small facility like mine with 2 -3000 marrows per year
it is quite a task.
Feels, like some new CAP checklist additions force us to do more work.
The problem is that by having a bigger workload we are not necessary
producing a better quality of work. And sometimes the result is the
opposite to the desired one. Please, correct me if I am wrong.
Sorry to express such a high level of frustration.
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It is 10 years retention JUST for Leukemia and Lymphoma dot plots WITH
gating used for final interpretation.
Second, either paper or electronic (eg, .pdf files) are acceptable.
Let me know if you have any questions. 
John Carey


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