About Flowjo and Expo 32

Qingyong Xu xu at surgery.wisc.edu
Wed Jan 9 11:43:12 EST 2008

Hi, everyone:

Is Flowjo certified for clinical use? If not, can I use the research version for clinical
lab? I 'd like to know whether there is any one used Flowjo in clinical lab.

Another question is about Expo32. I am told that Expo32 is not certified for clinical use
too.  Can I use it in clinical lab? Is there anyone use it in clinical lab? Thank you
very much.

Qingyong Xu, PhD
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Qingyong.Xu at saskatoonhealthregion.ca
HLA lab, St. Paul's Hospital 
Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine
Saskatoon Health Region and University of Saskatchewan
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Saskatoon, SK, S7M0Z9, Canada
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