BD CBA human Ig typing Flex Sets

Rebecca Mackenzie r.mackenzie at
Tue Jan 8 17:46:41 EST 2008

Hi all,

I want to use our new human Ig Flex set on culture supernatants from
stimulated human PBMCs. BD don't have any references for this type of
sample yet.

Has anyone done this, who can give me some tips regarding what dilution
to use for the various Ig subtypes? The instruction manual seems to be
aimed at serum samples which I expect would have higher baseline levels
of Igs...

I have had plenty of experience using the other cell signaling/ soluble
protein flex sets on various sample types - but this one has me a bit
puzzled on where to start!

My next step is to try a range of dilutions - but if anyone can give me
a starting point I'd be very grateful!!

Happy New Year to all :-) 


Rebecca Mackenzie
Flow Cytometry
Virionyx Corporation Ltd
New Zealand

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