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As is usual for this group, I received several helpful responses to my inquiry about the new CAP item that reads "Are gated dot plots and histograms retained for at least 10 years." It appears that most of the responses were not sent to the list, just to me, so I will summarize.

One person said that at the CCS meeting "they were told that Listmode Files are not acceptable, but paper or PDF files are acceptable".

Another said that their understanding is "you need to keep the gates and histograms that you used to report the diagnostic interpretation of the sample. It doesn't necessarily mean paper or electronic records." They also felt that this only referred to leukemia/lymphoma studies.

Since the listmode files only reflect the way the sample was originally run, and not any additional analysis which could involve several gates, this tells me that we need to be able to show what gates and histograms were used to create the report that was issued. In my lab we file all of the printouts but we need to do a better job of indicating which ones were used for the report (although you could figure it out from the description in the report). It is also possible to save the modified versions of the original listmode file, in addition to that file, but that results in a lot of electronic data.

Other responses showed that I was not the only one confused by this so hopefully this will be helpful to others!

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