FloCyte Intracellular Cytometry Course

Allan Kachelmeier kachelme at ohsu.edu
Sat Jan 5 19:40:46 EST 2008

FloCyte Intracellular Cytometry Course, March 13 at OHSU

The 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting is pleased to host a FloCyte Regional Training
Program course, “Intracellular Cytometry”,  at OHSU on March 13. Dr. Dorothy Lewis,
Professor of Immunology and Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Baylor
College of Medicine, will be teaching the course. The course covers fixation and
permeabilization, a host of applications including DNA staining, phosphorylation, GFP, as
well as quantitative methods - for more details, go to
http://www.flocyte.com/FRTP/Intracellular_flow.htm . This course dovetails well with the
themes of the 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting, in that intracellular staining
techniques are also important in imaging cytometry and high content analysis. A 10%
discount is offered to 2008 NWRCM registrants. For further information, or to register
for the course, go to the FloCyte Associates website at
http://www.flocyte.com/FRTP/FRTPHome.htm .

The first session of the 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting, a Minimum Information
Standards panel discussion, is at 4:30pm on March 13, directly after the FloCyte course.
This first session will also be an opportunity to view posters, socialize, and talk with
vendors. Regarding the latter, many vendors will have equipment on demo (see the partial
list on page 2 of the brochure).

The FICCS computational cytometry meeting is also on March 13, parallel the FloCyte
Intracellular Cytometry course. For information about the FICCS meeting, contact Ryan
Brinkman at info at FICCS.org .

Friday and Saturday sessions of the NWRCM are both full days, with a roster of 18 plenary
speakers, as well as technical forums and roundtables. More extensive details on the 2008
NWRCM are to be found in the brochure at http://www.isac-net.org/media/2008NWRCM.pdf . A
limited amount of space is available for poster display. Registration for the 2008 NWRCM
is $25 (inclusive of two lunches and the Friday evening buffet), and is separate from
registration for the FloCyte course or FICCS computational cytometry meeting. For
additional information, contact Allan Kachelmeier at kachelme at ohsu.edu. Hope to see you
at the meeting this March.

Allan Kachelmeier, 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting coordinator

Manager, confocal microscopy core
Oregon Hearing Research Center

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