Question about running MRSA on FacsAria

Zhang, Yan yan.zhang at
Thu Jan 3 03:53:50 EST 2008

Hi flowers,

I have a client who wishes to do protein expression analysis by using flowcytometry.	The samples are fresh cultured MRSA(Methicillin Resistence Staphylococcus Aureus). There is not going to be any sorting, only running the samples through. Since we only  have a FacsAria, my questions are:

*	The sorting chamber will be closed during sample running, but is it safe enough to run the samples without spreading aerosols with such infectious bacterials into the air?  
*	There are over pressured air supply system in the lab, I guess if I run the samples at our lab, I should put on more protective coat to run the MRSAs, like the one at Dr. Roederer's lab. Any suggestions?


Yan Zhang 

Senior engineer
Epi-Gen Inst.
Akershus universityhospital

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