PHA stimulation of PBMCs results in sticky cells - The replies

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Thu Jan 3 15:19:04 EST 2008

I assume this comment is directed to me, regarding the link to Wiley's website.

Ordinarily, attachments are automatically stripped from the messages and stored on our 
server, and a link to them substituted into the message.  With around 3000 subscribers,
this helps quite a bit in keeping our bandwidth a little lower, and keeps from flooding
peoples' inboxes with messages they sometimes can't open.

When the attachment is both under copyright and available on the net, I substitute a link
to the original site, rather than keeping it on ours, and that's what I did in this case. 
Dr. Michie actually included the PDF file itself; I'm the one who changed it to a link to Wiley,
since they are the copyright holders of the work.

If I've misunderstood, I apologize, but it can't hurt to explain what we do anyway.

Steve Kelley
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

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> So, the attached pdf is a part of selling campaign?

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