2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting in Portland, Oregon, March 13 - 15

Allan Kachelmeier kachelme at ohsu.edu
Wed Jan 2 10:41:24 EST 2008

To all who measure cells, flow'ers, and other interested parties,

In behalf of the flow and imaging community of the Pacific Northwest, I am pleased to
announce and invite you to the 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting, ‘Flow and Imaging for
an ~omics era’. The meeting will be held in Portland on March 13 - 15 in the Old Library
at OHSU. The roster is outstanding, with 18 plenary speakers covering a range including
flow- and image-cytometry, biosensors, and high throughput screening. The meeting will
provide an opportunity to network with others from both academia and industry, with
discussion ranging from Minimum Information Standards on March 13th, to functional
assays, probes, and flow- and imaging-based high throughput methods on March 14th and
15th. Instrumentation, as well, will be on demo.

Speakers include J. Paul Robinson, Peter Krutzik, Dorothy Lewis, Ger van den Engh, Ed
Walker, Chris D. Geddes, Alan Waggoner, Bob Murphy, Bob Zucker, James Jacobberger, Larry
Sklar, David Basiji, Mike Samuels, Iain Johnson, Rick Monsma, Doug Auld, Ghislain Bonamy,
and Michael A. Mancini. 

Sponsors include Oregon Hearing Research Center, BD Biosciences, Beckman Coulter,
Invitrogen, PerkinElmer, Amnis Corp., Cytopeia, Dako, CompuCyte, TTPLabtech, Thermo
Fisher Scientific, Accelrys, Accuri Cytometers, Applied Cytometry Systems, BioLegend,
Chi-Square Works, Cell Signaling Technology, Cytek Development, De Novo Software, FloCyte
Associates, Guava Technologies, iCyt Mission Technology, IntelliCyt, Miltenyi Biotec, MDS
Analytical Technologies, Partec, StemCell Technologies, Tree Star, Union Biometrica, and
Verity Software House.

All talks are free and open to the public. A $25 registration fee covers noon lunches on
Friday and Saturday, as well as the Friday evening reception buffet. The brochure at
http://www.isac-net.org/media/2008NWRCM.pdf includes a registration page. For further
information, please contact Allan Kachelmeier at kachelme at ohsu.edu. Thanks, and Happy New

Allan Kachelmeier, 2008 NWRCM coordinator

Manager, confocal microscopy core
Oregon Hearing Research Center

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