How to deal with ARIA contamination?

Steffen Schmitt steffen.schmitt at
Fri Feb 1 05:53:25 EST 2008

We have our Aria now for 6 month running.
So far we observed no contamination (or we are not told by our users /
independent steril controls are not established yet).

We run only steril PBS through our sheath lines and do a Long Clean with
EtOH (70%) every morning followed by the normal Fluidic Start up. During
long clean, we do not bypass the saline filter of the system.
At the beginning, we did the long clean at the end of the day, but we got
better stability and performance doing it every morning. So we get also rid
of air bubbles, which might have formed over night.

Our experience with the FACSVantage and DIVA is, that it also helps to run
the machines daily or prevent longer times without usage.
So even if we have no sorts (which happens not so often), we perform just a
startup. So the longest time, the machine stands still is over weekend.
As a side effect, we have to change 2-3 times per week the sheath tank. Not
much time for a contamination to establish in a previously steril PBS tank
(At least I hope this last very long).

Good luck


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