Aria 1 Waste Cap

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I haven't replaced it in a whole year and never had any problems with CST running. The
only time my CST failed was when flow cell was dirty but Clean Flow Cell cleaning fixed
the problem. I must say that I cannot think of a link between waste container cap and

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I set up the Aria like normal yesterday and was waiting for awhile to run CS and T
because my appointment did not start until after lunch. I started the CS and T and the
beads were all over 
the place. I did a couple of long cleans, fluidic start ups, sonicated the 
nozzle and did everything that I knew to do. Still the CS and T beads were all 
over the place and performance failed many times. I put a call in to the BD 
service and a knowledgeable engineer called me back and told me to replace the 
top part of the waste container cap (not the baffle, but the part that has the 
biohazzard on it). After I did this, CS and T ran beautifully.	He said 
that the top caps only last 30 days. My 
question to you all is how many times do you replace the cap and how many of you 
were told to do it? I have about 20 in my spare parts kit and finally used one. 
I always wondered why there were so many spares. The person to talk to at BD is 
Bob at x4145.

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