Aria2 problems unloading tubes

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Occasioanlly this happens to us too (though apparently not that often as in your case)
and I have noticed that it happens more often as database becomes clogged with data and
un-exported experiments. Usually, I notice I get less such errors the more clean I keep
my database. Maybe this is not the case in your situation, but I think its worth a try.
Best of luck and let us know how you fixed this problem.

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Subject: Aria2 problems unloading tubes

Hi everyone,

i got a problem unloading my tubes on an Aria2 and i was wondering if anybody else had
the problem before:
sometimes (not everytime, sometimes not at all and sometimes every second or third tube
and sometimes every single tube) the loading arm doesn't come down to unlaod the tube and
i get the following message:
Fluidics error on unload tube, aspirator arm locking error
the only way to get the tube out seems to be pressing the emergency button.
Anybody with the same problem?

Thanks for the help in advance
have a good weekend everyone

--Elisabeth Freyer
Flow Cytometry Facility
MRC Human Genetics Unit
Western General Hospital
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